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Category: Construction

Lesson: Construction Basics
Building-energy specialists need to understand the overall construction process. This lesson covers the most important design and construction processes that affect building energy efficiency. You’ll learn frame construction best-practices, insulation principles, air-barrier issues, and common building design mistakes. This is a 2.0 hour session.
BPI (1.0 CEUs)


Lesson: Roof and Attic Ventilation
Most attics and roofs require ventilation to protect a building from moisture damage and to cool the roof during the summer. Proper attic ventilation or roof ventilation also reduces heat gain in attic spaces. This lesson covers important strategies that keep roofs and attics properly ventilated. You’ll learn about climate-specific ventilation problems and the roof design features that eliminate issues caused by poor ventilation. This is a 1.4 hour session.
BPI (0.70 CEUs)


Lesson: Professional Insulation Equipment
This lesson covers the most important tools and practices insulators need to install insulation the right way. Insulation installers need a lot of special equipment to install insulation effectively. You’ll learn about the vehicles, blowing machines, small tools, and protective equipment used for insulation retrofits and new construction. This is a 1.2 hour session.
BPI (0.60 CEUs)

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