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Category: Moisture Control

Lesson: Crawl Space Issues
This Crawl Space Issues lesson covers how crawl spaces cause problems and how you can manage crawlspace problems. Crawl spaces cause many energy and moisture problems. The following topics will be covered: how moisture moves into crawl spaces, how to stop crawlspace moisture it at its source, how to remove moisture from crawl spaces and how to insulate a crawlspace for maximum thermal resistance while managing moisture sources. This is a 1.3 hour session.
BPI (0.65 CEUs)


Lesson: Moisture Theory
This Moisture Theory lesson teaches how some airborne moisture helps prevent dryness in a person’s mouth and mucous membranes. However when there’s too much moisture in the air, it causes condensation. Condensation damages buildings and encourages pests that cause respiratory problems. The following topics will be covered: sources of airborne moisture in buildings, effects of uncontrolled moisture movement, how moisture changes when it moves through different building environments and strategies to manage moisture and reduce it’s harmful effects.. This is a 2.2 hour session.
BPI (1.10 CEUs)


Lesson: Moisture Management
This Moisture Management lesson focuses on how moisture affects human health and building durability. Moisture moves through buildings in complex ways that are difficult to understand and control. The following topics will be covered: how moisture flows through buildings, how water vapor condenses into liquid water, prevention strategies for stopping moisture at its source and control strategies that remove indoor moisture before it causes harm. This is a 1.3 hour session.
BPI (0.65 CEUs)


Lesson: Site Drainage for Buildings
This Site Drainage for Buildings lesson covers design details that keep exterior water from wetting the foundation. In this lesson, you’ll learn about construction and landscape features that effectively move water away from a building’s foundation. One of the main sources of moisture damage in buildings is from ground water. Buildings that don’t direct ground water away from their foundations suffer moisture damage. This is a 1.0 hour session.
BPI (0.50 CEUs)


Lesson: Water Barriers and Flashing
This Water Barriers and Flashing lesson talks about when water gets into buildings from outdoors, it can damage the building and create health problems. It’s important to stop water before it gets inside a building. The following topics will be covered: how outdoor water enters buildings, building designs that keep outdoor water from getting into a building’s roof, walls, and foundation; and construction details, like water-resistive barriers, vapor retarders, drainage planes, and flashing. This is a 1.1 hour session.
BPI (0.55 CEUs)

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