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Category: Retrofit & Soft Skills

Lesson: Attic Insulation Preparation
Before insulators install attic insulation, they need to prepare the attic. If they don’t prepare the attic, the attic will waste energy and potentially create safety hazards.  This lesson describes the steps insulators should take before installing attic insulation. You will learn the following: how attic features can promote good ventilation, fire safety and energy efficiency; examples of poor attic preparation and its detrimental effects. This is a 1.5 hour session.
BPI (0.75 CEUs)


Lesson: Deep Energy Retrofit Planning
When a deep energy retrofit is being done a building, there’s an opportunity to greatly improve the building’s envelope.  In this lesson you will learn the following: how to determine the importance of the envelope in a deep energy retrofit, and how much to spend on it; how to create a continuous thermal envelope with targeted air sealing and thermal breaks; and choosing the best options for insulation and window. This is a 1.4 hour session.
BPI (0.70 CEUs)


Lesson: Customer Service
Providing good customer service is likely one of the most important factors in running a successful and profitable business. Without it a business may do well for a while, or simply sputter along, but eventually a business that treats their customers poorly will suffer.  In this lesson we’ll look at how to provide and understand the benefits of customer satisfaction, better communication, dealing with challenging customers, feedback, and continual improvement. You will learn the following: the benefits of customer satisfaction and better communication, how to deal with challenging customers, and using feedback to continually improve. This is a .7 hour session.
BPI (0.23 CEUs)


Lesson: Business Operations
For home performance and weatherization work, we should provide a whole-sale building science-based proposal or work order to every customer. This lesson will teach you some of the basic, but often underused concepts, necessary to operate a profitable home performance business. You will learn the following: the customer pays for everything, so give them a good value; the difference between direct and indirect costs, and how they are related; how to make a profit on every product or service. This is a 1.0 hour session.
BPI (0.33 CEUs)


Lesson: Sales Skills for Contractors
Selling home performance contracting work is a skill that should be developed. This lesson assumes that you are engaged in the building-performance contracting business as an owner or sales representative. This lesson covers the following: the contracting business-branding, pricing, and costing; the sales process-leads, first impressions, developing the work scope; products and benefits, what customers buy-presentation of benefits, selling the features. This is a 1.5 hour session.
BPI (0.5 CEUs)

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