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Lesson: Indoor Air Pollution
his lesson discusses methods to reduce or eliminate indoor air quality health hazards. Indoor air quality affects the health and productivity of building occupants. Often, occupants don’t notice indoor air pollutants. This lesson covers common indoor air pollutants and their impact on human health. You’ll learn about common pollutant sources and the limits of human tolerance to these pollutants. This is a 1.2 hour session.

BPI (0.650CEUs)

Lesson: Combustion Safety
Improperly installed or unmaintained combustion appliances are serious health and safety hazards. This lesson covers the principles of combustion safety in building, why combustion appliances are potential hazards, how to inspect for combustion-safety problems and what you can do about problems when you find them. This is a 1.0 hour session.

BPI (0.50 CEUs)

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