Green Jobs Academy (GJA) at the South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC) offers Building Performance Industry (BPI) Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for building performance professionals who hold a BPI Certification.    Classroom Training Calendar

BPI Building Analysts, BPI Envelope Professionals, BPI Heating Professionals, BPI AC/Heat Pump Professionals, BPI Energy Auditor and BPI Quality Control Inspectors can participate in a number of classes covering topics ranging from building science basics, to advanced specializations within the Building Performance Industry.  BPI CEUs can be earned both in the classroom and online.

GJA will work with you to find the best options for fulfilling your BPI CEU requirement.

For more information about classes and programs to fulfill your BPI CEU requirement, feel free to contact us: teamgja@smoc.org / 508.626.7150

For all upcoming classes you can view the training calendar here:

Training Calendar

Green Jobs Academy has been approved by the Building Performance Institute to offer Continuing Education Units for the courses below.

Advanced Blower Door Training (2 CEUs)
ASHRAE 62.2 (4 CEUs)
Asbestos Awareness (1.05 CEUs)
Combustion Safety Training (2 CEUs)
Crew (Lead) Chief Training – 4 day (15 CEUs)
Lead Safe Weatherization (2 CEUs)
OSHA 10 Certification (5 CEUs)
OSHA 30 Certification (15 CEUs)
OSHA Confined Spaces (2.5 CEUs)
Quality Control Inspector – 5 day (10 CEUs)
RRP Lead Renovator Certification (3.75 CEUs)
RRP Refresher (2 CEUs)
Lead Safe Weatherization (2 CEUs)
Weatherization (Retrofit) Installer (14 CEUs)

For all online classes email teamgja@smoc.org

On-line Learning Lessons by Category:

Baseload Training Descriptions
Lighting Introduction (.75 CEUs)
Reducing Baseload Cost (.75 CEUs)
Residential Refrigerators (.50 CEUs)
Water Heater Basics (.80 CEUs)

Building Science Training Descriptions
Cooling Principles (.55 CEUs)
Electric Power and Energy (.60 CEUs)
Energy Calculations (1.00 CEUs)
Geometry (.80 CEUs)
Heat Loss and Gain (1.00 CEUs)
Heating and Cooling Introduction (.35 CEUs)
Math Operations (.70 CEUs)
Temperature and Heat (.95 CEUs)

Construction Training Descriptions
Construction Basics (1.00 CEUs)
Professional Insulation Equipment (.60 CEUs)
Roof and Attic Ventilation (.70 CEUs)

Envelope Training Descriptions
Air Barrier Basics (.65 CEUs)
Air Pressure and Flow (.65 CEUs)
Door Selection (.60 CEUs)
Fibrous Insulation (.80 CEUs)
Finding Major Air Leaks (.65 CEUs)
Foam Board Insulation (.65 CEUs)
High Performance Floors Foundations (.50 CEUs)
High Performance Roofs (.70 CEUs)
Insulation Introduction (.70 CEUs)
Insulation Performance Factors (.80 CEUs)
Spray Foam Insulation (.90 CEUs)
Stopping Heat Gain (.65 CEUs)
Super-insulated Walls (.70 CEUs)
Un-vented Roof Insulation (.45 CEUs)
Wall Insulation Materials (.80 CEUs)
Window and Door Installation (1.00 CEUs)
Window Introduction (.70 CEUs)
Window Performance Factors (.70 CEUs)
Window Treatments (.60 CEUs)
Analyzing Consumption (.55 CEUs)
Blower Door Test Preparation (.50 CEUs)
Blower Door Testing (1.45 CEUs)
Blower Door Manometers (1.15 CEUs)
Blower Door Theory (.85 CEUs)
Duct Blower Testing (1.05 CEUs)

Evaluation Training Descriptions
Duct Blower Theory (.80 CEUs)
Energy Auditing (.85 CEUs)
Gas Heating Systems ID (.85 CEUs)
Pressure Pan Duct Testing (.60 CEUs)
Window Economics (.75 CEUs)

Health and Safety Training Descriptions
Indoor Air Pollutants (.60 CEUs)
Combustion Safety (Health & Safety) (.50 CEUs)

HVAC Training Descriptions
AC & Heat Pump Equipment ID (.85 CEUs)
ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation Standard (.70 CEUs)
Basic Mechanical Ventilation (.90 CEUs)
Combustion Safety Testing (HVAC) (.75 CEUs)
Combustion Venting Systems (.75 CEUs)
Cooling With Ventilation (.50 CEUs)
Duct Air Sealing (.80 CEUs)
Duct Energy Efficiency (.45 CEUs)
Duct Insulation (.50 CEUs)
Evaluating HVAC Air Flow (.95 CEUs)
Gas Combustion Heating Overview (1.00 CEUs)
Gas Furnace Efficiency Strategy (1.00 CEUs)
HVAC Refrigeration (1.05 CEUs)
HVAC Retro-Commissioning (.5 CEUs)
HVAC Retrofit Efficiency Choices (.80 CEUs)
Improving HVAC Airflow (.50 CEUs)
Low Energy Cooling (.65 CEUs)
Ventilation Systems Overview (1.10 CEUs)
Whole Building Ventilation Systems (.70 CEUs)

Moisture Control Training Descriptions
Crawl Spaces (.65 CEUs)
Moisture Management (.65 CEUs)
Moisture Theory (1.10 CEUs)
Site Drainage for Buildings (.50 CEUs)
Water Barriers and Flashing (.55 CEUs)

Retrofit Training Descriptions
Attic Insulation Preparation (.75 CEUs)
Deep Energy Retrofit Envelope (.70 CEUs)
Deep Energy Retrofit Planning (.85 CEUs)

Soft Skills Training Descriptions
Business Operations (.33 CEUs)
Customer Service (.23 CEUs)
Sales Skills for Contractors (.50 CEUs)

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For more information, please contact Suzanne Domestico, Program Coordinator
508.626.7150 / sdomestico@smoc.org