Gwenn O’Keefe, Component Director, Green Jobs Academy
Gwenn O’Keefe is Component Director of the Green Jobs Academy (GJA) / Skills Training & Education at the South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC), where she provides leadership, management and oversight. Gwenn has 20+ years experience in consulting, sales, and program management which she gained in the corporate, for-profit arena and has brought this to the non-profit world. Gwenn truly enjoys the excitement  and challenge of developing and growing new initiatives.  Gwenn serves on SMOC/GJA committees and multi-disciplinary teams to advance the growth and awareness of the GJA, Skills Training and Education offerings.  Gwenn is responsible for grant writing and acquisition in order to ensure sustainability for programs in her component.  Gwenn monitors performance metrics and provides on-going program status to the executive team and funders. Gwenn is often requested to speak at conferences and round tables on GJA best practices.  Gwenn provides training and technical assistance for the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) / Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) network, by providing Manager’s training and DOE Audit Tool training.  In her spare time, Gwenn volunteers for the Read to a Child organization. Gwenn received her Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and her Associate in Science in Management from Bentley University.

Suzanne Domestico, Senior Program Coordinator, Green Jobs Academy
Suzanne Domestico is Senior Program Coordinator for the Green Jobs Academy (GJA) at South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC). Suzanne is responsible for overall coordination, facilitating and overseeing all activities at the GJA training center.  Suzanne is responsible for maintaining IREC accreditation for the GJA, which consists of on-going curriculum updating, maintenance of the DOE approved training center and inventory control. GJA is a provider of MA Construction Supervisors License continuing education units (CEU) and  Business Performance Institute (BPI) continuing education units (CEU). Suzanne monitors and maintains the GJA CEU trainings.  GJA is an approved  BPI test center, which Suzanne manages. Suzanne develops, creates and maintains marketing strategies utilizing social media. Suzanne has presented at multiple DOE conferences and network meetings sharing the best practices of the GJA, including the US DOE National Weatherization Training Conference, New Orleans.  In her spare time, Suzanne volunteers for the Read to a Child organization. Suzanne loves the fast-paced nature of her work and enjoys living in a region positioned for a sustainable future.

Paul Jackson, Director of Energy Services/Lead Trainer, Green Jobs Academy

Paul Jackson is Director of Energy Services at the South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC).  Paul is responsible for operations and organizational development.
Paul is currently the lead trainer for SMOC’s Green Jobs Academy. Paul has supervised and delivered quarterly technical trainings for over 80 field energy auditing staff during his employment with MassSave Inc. and provided customer education seminars for the Massachusetts Municipal Association.
Certifications include: Energy Auditor, State of Massachusetts; BPI Green Jobs Academy Trainer; Certified Energy Advisor, MA Division of Energy Resources; HERS Rater for new construction; Unrestricted MA Construction Supervisors License; Oil Burner Technician Certification, Dept. of Public Safety; BPI Building Analyst; BPI Quality Control Inspector.

Colin MacEacheron, Technical Coordinator, Green Jobs Academy
Colin MacEacheron is the Technical Coordinator for the Green Jobs Academy (GJA) at South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC).  Colin currently manages and facilitates the Online Learning educational platform for GJA and is working to boost GJA’s remote learning capabilities in the time of COVID-19.  Colin also assists with marketing strategies, IREC accreditation, and social media utilization.  Colin has two years prior experience in the Energy Services field working as an Energy Auditor for the State of Massachusetts and has conducted over 250 Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) energy audits.  Colin is passionate about energy conservation and proud to be apart of GJAs mission.  Certifications include:  MA DHCD Energy Auditor; RRP Lead Safety; National Energy Auditor Tool (NEAT) Software.

Steven Antonini, Technical Manager Energy Services, SMOC
Steven Antonini is from Syracuse, New York and has a M.S. in Biology/Statistics from Towson State University. Steve has worked in building trades and over 16 years in energy efficiency program management. Since 1991, he has conducted of 2500 residential and small commercial energy efficiency and weatherization evaluations. Steven also has experience as a consultant, manager, supervisor, technical advisor, educator, and sales-promoting and communicating conservation technology, practices and program to commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential consumers.  Certifications include: BPI Green Jobs Academy Trainer; DOE/BPI/MassSave/VT/CA Energy Auditor; AEEE Energy Manager/Energy Star Homes Advisor/CA Commercial & Industrial Energy Auditor; CA Water Auditor; VT Dairy Farm Energy Auditor.

Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor began his environmental work as an engineer. Jason was a contractor for 17 years and earned numerous NARI Contractor of the Year awards. Jason was also a sub-contractor in which Prism Awards were earned by Tibma Design/Build for these projects.  Jason taught “10 minute Blower Door Set-ups” at Roxbury Community College.  Jason was instructor for ABCD Contractor Boot Camp to teach Air Sealing and Blower Door Set-ups where he continues to teach for the WAGE Learning Works program. Jason now works for Byggmeister Associates as an Air Sealing Specialist and a Weatherization Contractor Supervisor.  Jason presented, “Attics: Air Sealing Bypasses” at the Department of Energy’s National Weatherization Conference, New Orleans in 2012.  Jason currently teaches Crew (Lead) Chief at the Green Jobs Academy.

Jules Junker
Jules Junker has over 30 years of experience in the field of energy conservation and energy efficient building. As the Director of the Weatherization Assistance Program in the State of Vermont, Jules oversaw administration and program and policy development for 17 years. Jules was one the founding fathers, served on the Board of Directors and assisted in drafting the Building Performance Institute (BPI) Technical Standards and nation-wide expansion for the BPI. Jules owns and operates ThermalWorks, specializing in training and consulting for weatherization/energy efficiency training programs in New England. Jules currently teaches Crew (Lead) Chief at the Green Jobs Academy. Jules earned a BA Degree in Business Administration/Environmental Studies from Johnson State College.

Steven St. Laurent
Steven holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has mastered the Spanish language like a native speaker.  Since 2005, Steven has conducted trainings nationwide in English and Spanish.  Steven is an authorized OSHA Outreach Safety Trainer; a certified EPA RRP Lead Primary Instructor; an AHA BLS Certified Instructor for First Aid, CPR and AED at the American Heart Association, Auburn, MA; an NSC BLS Certified Instructor for First Aid, CPR and AED at the National Safety Council, Itasca, IL; a Command Spanish® Certified Instructor for Command Spanish®, Petal, MS.

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